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    Welcome to the World Sailing IJSC 2023 Test Site 


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      IJ Practice Test


      Welcome the World Sailing International Judges 2023 Practice Test 

      • This Practice test has been designed for use by renewing World Sailing IJs.  First time applicants for IJ must take a different test that is given when attending World Sailing judge seminars.
      • Practice Test Information
      • The Practice test can only be accessed after you have linked on to the website.  This website is not the same one that you go to for WS information. By way of the Tutorial only, one must register to set up to link on to the website.
      • This Practice Test is a short version of the actual Renewal Test and the questions on this test are generated randomly. 
      • After you finish and submit the practice test you will be able to see your question results.
      • The Practice  questions will not be on the Renewal Test.
      • This Practice test can be taken as often as you would like by saving the link to this page but one must save their revised password ( done once you entered the site ) to enter the site again.
      • If there are problems the process of taking it or you have input on the questions do not contact World Sailing!  Be sure to email and a member of the Testing WP will contact you.

      Renewal Test Information     IMPORTANT!!!

      The renewal test for 2023 will follow the same procedure as last year.  

      A email will be sent to all those renewing early in 2023 as well as those who are qualified to take the online test per the regulations.  In that email will be a Tutorial which will allow the link to the renewal test site and full details on how to take the test.  The judge renewing then will follow the link provided and register with their Sailor ID.  Each step of the tutorial MUST follow each step completely.

      The Tutorial procedure provides the Test Taker with the process that allows a password to be  sent immediately to the judge's email address on file with World Sailing.  

      This will allow the Candidate to enter the site. In addition the Test Taker will be given an opportunity to enter their Proctor's IDs which then activates an email to be sent immediately to the Proctor's email address on file with World Sailing with the Proctor's code to be used when the test is be taken.  

      Be sure to check spam folders if emails do not arrive in your or your Proctor's inboxes and remember to record any password changes that you have made when entering the site for the first time.  This will be needed if you need to re-enter the test.

      Note:  this whole procedure can be done well in advance of test day or on the day of testing, assuming a solid internet connection can be done in 15-20 minutes. 

      A Proctor will enter the code sent to them when The Test Taker begins the actual test.

      If a password or a code is lost ( on a new Proctor is going to be used ) repeat the procedure found in the Tutorial. Log  in again and begin the registration procedure.

      Be sure to retain the email received sent to you at the beginning of the year.


      • You may use ONLY the following printed ( or electronic ) material when taking the Actual Renewal Test.  We strongly suggest you do the same for the Practice Test:

        • World Sailing Case Book

        • World Sailing Rule Book

        • World Sailing Judges Manual

        • The International Regulations for the Preventing Collisions at Sea (IRPCAS)

        • World Sailing Regulations

      • Each renewing IJ will be able to take their online renewal test only in their recertification year.
      • Each renewing judge will receive an email from the platform providing a link to the test site and a tutorial how to proceed.  The email is sent to their email address on file with World Sailing.
      • When on site and registering to get their password the judge will be given an opportunity to enter their Proctors sailor ID so that their code will be sent to the Proctor at the email addresses that on file with World Sailing.
      • Note that these two steps can be done at test time or before. If the password is lost or the Proctor changes repeat the process shown in the tutorial.
      • The Renewal test can be taken at any time and at any location that is convenient to the candidate and the Proctor.
      • The candidate will need a Proctor to be with them all during the actual Renewal Test ( the Practice test may be taken without a Proctor )

      • The Proctor shall not look at the test questions nor shall the Proctor in any manner assist the test taker to answer the test questions.

      • Proctors
      • Any other World Sailing race official, IJ, IU, IM, ITD, Classifier or IRO can be a Proctor unless there was a conflict of interest ( CoI ). Examples:  A Conflict of Interest include being a family member, relative or be in a financial business relationship with the Proctor.
      • Proctors will be asked to pledge to the tests authenticity.
      • Please note: That by using their IDs and Passwords to take the International Judges Renewal Test, both the IJ and the Proctor agree NOT to transmit, copy, transfer, retain or in any manner reproduce the practice and/or renewal tests or parts there of.

      • The test( actual )

      • The test is 50 questions, valued at 2 points per question.  There will be 38 True/False questions and 12 Diagram/Multiple Choice questions.
      • Each test will have some questions from the new rules introduced into the RRS for 2021-2024.
      • A mark will be given once the finish button has been clicked and each successful candidate will be provide the opportunity to download their certificate.
      • It is highly recommended that you have a strong internet connection when taking the Renewal Test.
      • An unauthorized candidate ( not due to renew in 2023 or one with the wrong World Sailing sailor ID number ) or an invalid Proctor ( code, wrong name or wrong World Sailing sailors ID )will result in this test site not allowing the Renewal Test to be taken.
      • The actual Renewal Test allows a test time of 100 minutes for those who have filed with World Sailing that English is their native language and 130 minutes for those that have filed as non English.
      • The estimated total time needed to complete everything once on the website will be 130 minutes for English native language speakers and at 160 minutes for all others ( for logging on, reading all instructions and Proctor sign on ). 

      • If a candidate does not pass the Renewal test, they may retake the test 6 months after the first test was taken

      Note: An International Judge who must renew their certification when they have not passed the Renewal Test and has all other qualifications can receive renewal as long as they pass the renewal test by May 1st in the year following their renewal year.